Sell with confidence to anyone

PayScrow protects you by guarantying payment commitment from your customers; giving you 100% assurance that funds hae been received, secured and waiting to be disbursed once your product or service delivery is successful. Make your customers feel even more comfortable doing business with you by adding PayScrow as your escrow payment option.

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  • Boost sales and increase your conversion rate
  • Guaranteed upfront commitment from buyers
  • Reduce the rate of abandoned orders
  • Save logistics cost
  • End the hassles of pay-on-delivery
  • Easy integration
  • Proof of delivery
  • Dashboard for monitoring your transactions
  • Real time notifications

Pay anyone without fear

Don't just order, go ahead and pay for it! PayScrow protects you by securing your payment until your items arrive and in good condition before releasing funds to the merchant. You are in control while showing commitment for your online purchases. Experience peace of mind and guaranteed refunds if items specs or terms of trade are not met.

  • Stay in control of your orders
  • Secure escrow payment
  • Eliminate payment scam/fraud
  • Ensure seller's commitment to quality and specs
  • Seller's commitment to timely delivery
  • No deliveries? Wrong or damaged product? No Payment
  • Transaction tracking dashboard
  • Quick and easy refunds if terms are not met
  • Real time notifications

PayScrow for P2P commerce

Make people comfortable doing business with you and increase your conversion rate. Send a PayScrow payment invite to your customers on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or face to face. to prevent fraudulent experiences for them and for your business

  • Address customers' payment method concerns by offering an escrow option
  • Get customer commitment before you make a delivery move
  • Eliminate the risk of Pay/Cash on delivery
  • Reduces the rate of phony orders
  • No integration needed, just send a link


Safeguarding your transactions should not leave a hole in your pocket. Our escrow fees are lower than the value you get.

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Pay and receive in more than one currency. No boundaries as to where your next order is coming from as long as you can fulfill your part.

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A proprietary dispute resolution process that ensures transparency and happy outcomes for transacting parties..

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What's your PayScrow Experience?

What users have to say

  • “It's a cool escrow platform for receiving payments from my clients. The favourite part for me is its easy to use and gives me the peace of mind I need to focus on service delivery without chasing payment.”

    Nkem Jude - Freelance Graphics Designer
  • “The first time I used it to order a generating set for my business, I was skeptical, to be honest. My consolation was that I could still see my money on my dashboard till the merchant delivered my order. Then I fully understood its value.”

    Glory Edet - Fashion Designer
  • “Thanks to PayScrow we didn't go ahead to deliver an order without seeing the payment on our dashboard. Before now, we would have incurred logistics cost and made no sales. You have redefined pay on delivery for us.”

    Mark Magnus - Merchant
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