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PayScrow for Sellers

Make your customers feel even more comfortable shopping and paying on your website by adding an escrow payment option. Our unique escrow payment service guarantees payment commitment from your customers, which gives you 100% assurance that, funds have been received and are secured. We'll pay you once delivery is successful.

Boost your sales, increase your conversion rate

Guaranteed upfront commitment from buyers

Reduces rate of abandoned orders

Saves logistics cost

Eliminates the risks of Pay/Cash-on-delivery

Proof of delivery

Easy integration

Merchant dashboard for monitoring transactions

Real time notifications

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Payscrow for Buyers

Now you have a chance to be in control while still showing your commitment for your online purchases. We secure your payment until your items arrive and in good condition before releasing funds to the merchant. PayScrow gives you peace of mind. No stories and guaranteed refunds if items specs and the terms of trade are not met.

Stay in control of your orders

Secure escrow payment

Eliminate payment scam/fraud

Ensures seller’s commitment to quality and specs

seller’s commitment to delivery timeframe

No deliveries, wrong or damaged product, no payments

Transaction tracking dashboard

Quick and easy refunds if terms are not met

Real time notifications

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PayScrow for Social Commerce

Make new friends and potential customers with a friendly and secure payment method. Make them comfortable doing business with you and increase your conversion rate. Send a PayScrow payment invite to your customers on your social sales channels (BBM, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook etc.). PayScrow is an escrow payment option that suits your business and reassures your customers.

Address customers’ payment method concerns by offering an escrow option

Get customer commitment before you make a delivery move

Eliminate the risks of Pay/Cash on delivery

Reduces the rate of phony or abandoned orders

Reach a wider market, close more sales

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