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Do business with anyone, anywhere, even if you don't know or trust them


  • Worries about buying things online
  • Fear of online scams and fraud
  • Not being sure if sellers are real
  • Anxieties about false advertising
  • Uncertainty in project payments
  • Surprise fees or extra charges
  • Hesitation to pay upfront
  • Fears of getting poor products

Compliance is our top priority

Our compliance with international standards ensures the safety of your transactions.


How we got here

Our story began with a mission: to reshape the world of transactions into a secure and transparent ecosystem that empowers both buyers and sellers.

We recognized the challenges people faced in the digital commerce landscape – the fears of fraudulent transactions, the uncertainties of dealing with unknown parties, and the anxieties surrounding payment security. This recognition set us on a journey to bridge these gaps and bring a new level of trust to digital interactions.

With PayScrow, transactions become collaborative endeavors between buyers and sellers, underpinned by our role as a trusted intermediary. Funds are safeguarded until both parties agree that the terms have been fulfilled.

Our vision doesn't stop at individual transactions. We aspire to create a future where trust is the cornerstone of buying and selling. Our milestone-based payments facilitate seamless project progress, and our multi-party transaction services simplify intricate deals.

Say goodbye to worries and uncertainties by always buying or selling with PayScrow.net digital escrow platform

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Understand the basics of PayScrow's secure digital escrow payment solution

What is PayScrow?
PayScrow is a digital escrow solution designed to enhance trust and security in digital transactions. It offers escrow services that protect both buyers and sellers.
How does PayScrow work?
PayScrow acts as a trusted intermediary, securing funds until both parties confirm that the transaction terms are met.
How is my money secured?
All PayScrow payments are processed with PCI/DSS Certified payment processors and all funds are safely held in a CBN-Licensed Deposit Money Bank.

Understand the transparent and flexible transaction fee structure of PayScrow's services.

How much does PayScrow charge for its services?
PayScrow charges a transparent fee of 2% + ₦100 of the transaction amount. This fee can be paid by either the buyer or the seller, or it can be split between both parties.
Are there any additional fees?
No, the 2% + ₦100 transaction fee covers the cost of using PayScrow's services. There are no hidden charges or extra fees.
What is the minimum and maximum transaction amount?
The minimum transaction amount is ₦1,000, and there is no maximum limit.
Who pays for the transaction fee?
The transaction fee of 2% + ₦100 is paid by either the buyer or the seller, or it can be split between both parties based on the mutual agreement reached during the transaction.

Understand how PayScrow protects your privacy and data.

Is my personal information safe with PayScrow?
Yes, we take privacy seriously. We adhere to strict security measures, including SSL certificate, data encryption and protection protocols and our business entity is in full compliance with the Nigerian Data Protection Regulations (NDPR).
Does PayScrow share my data with third parties?
No, PayScrow does not share your data with any third parties. PayScrow is in full compliance with the Nigeria Data Protection Regulations.
Dispute Resolution

Learn about how PayScrow resolves transaction disputes.

What happens if a dispute arises during a transaction?
In case of a dispute, PayScrow provides a seamless dispute resolution process. Our team helps mediate and resolve issues to ensure a fair outcome for both parties.
How long does the dispute resolution procedure take?
The duration of the dispute resolution process depends on the complexity of the issue. However, PayScrow aims to address and resolve disputes in a timely manner.
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