Integrate PayScrow Escrow API

Protect your transactions and trade with peace of mind using PayScrow –
your secure solution for buying, selling, renting, and paying online.

PayScrow Pay
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1. Escrow Hold

Secure funds of any transaction until predefined conditions are met.

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2. Unique Customization

Customizable features and logics to suit different business unique use case and requirements.

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3. Whitelabel Notification

Modify and personalize all messages from the escrow system to your users.

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4. Dispute Resolution

Manage transaction disputes in a structured and transparent way.

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5. Disbursement

Enable disbursement to multiple parties for any single transaction.

How to get started

Businesses like yours can be rest assured that your escrow transactions are seemless and your money are securely protected. We are more than just a payment solution; we are the enablers of seamless and secure escrow trades.

1. Initiation

2. Configuration

3. Kick-off

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