Some questions you may want to ask

What does Escrow mean?
An agreement between two parties or organization where properties or funds are kept in trust with a 3rd party or organization and only released when agreed terms have been met.
What then is PayScrow?
PayScrow (Pay via Escrow) is an escrow payment service that works with the banks to secure transaction funds on behalf of buyers and sellers until agreed terms are met by both parties.
Is PayScrow an Online shop?
No, we do not sell any product, we only temporary secure funds until a transaction is deemed successful by the parties involved.
How Secured is my money?
Very secured, PayScrow funds are secured in a CBN licensed deposit money bank.
I generally have concerns making payments online to start with, can I trust PayScrow platform?
We understand… PayScrow platform is secured, we don’t store your details by default, communication is all encrypted, information is stored in encrypted format in database, and we also use a two-factor authentication that requires a one-time password (OTP) or bank token to complete payments
How do i deposit money with Payscrow?
Sign up for a Payscrow account or choose PayScrow as a payment option in merchant's checkout page to make payment, we'll pay the merchant once you confirm you've received the exact product you ordered.
How do i get a refund if transaction was not successful.
You notify us, We will refund to your wallet and you can withdraw from the banks.
What happens if i got a wrong product from the merchant?
Login to your dashboard and raise a dispute from the transaction log for that transaction and we won't pay the merchant, we'll resolve and refund.
What happens if i get the correct product but find faults after a number of days.
We work with merchants who have a clear warranties, return and refund policy for their products and services.Our SLA with them ensures they live up to their terms.
I am a merchant, how do i make payscrow available as an option for my customers?
Sign up for an account, then use or documentation to get started or contact us to help with integration. It's all free!
I have no website but i sell via social media, (Instagram, WhatsApp etc) anyway i can offer Payscrow to my customers to close sales?
Yes, sign up and send a payment invite from your dashboard to your customers' email prompting them to use PayScrow to secure themselves and watch how you close more sales