About PayScrow

We are an independent escrow service provider working with CBN licensed Deposit Money Banks and payment processors to ensure both buyers and sellers are happy with their transactions. PayScrow -Pay (by e)Scrow can be used for all manner of trades from cars, to household items, ecommerce payments and just about anything. Our escrow fees can be absorbed by either the buyer or seller, or even split between both parties.

For buyers, you can now get your items specs delivered or get a refund without stories. You won't be taken for granted anymore.

Now you can feel even more comfortable carrying on with those transactions and payments that usually gives you doubts and second thoughts.

For sellers, once we receive payments, you will be notified to go ahead and fulfil the order with a 100% assurance that you will be credited once there's proof of delivery. It's the better alternative to Pay-on-delivery/Cash-on-delivery.

Go ahead and make your customers more comfortable dealing with you by adding a full-fledged escrow service to your payment options.

All PayScrow payments are processed with a PCI/DSS Certified payment processor and funds are warehoused in a CBN Licensed Deposit Money Bank.

Our proprietary dispute resolution system is carefully crafted to ensure disputes are resolved in a timely manner and in fairness to all parties.

Together, we work to build trust and create happy payments for everyone.

PayScrow is a service of Ewossy Services Ltd dully registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with RC NO: 1310657